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Nectar helps our brokers move from writing loans to growing their businesses.

After just five years in operation, we are already challenging some of the big industry names. With new franchisees coming on board all the time and an increasing national footprint, Nectar is growing, and we want to help you grow too.

Nectar had a great showing at the 2018 PLAN Australia Awards, culminating in winning the top gong – Business of the Year. This award pays tribute to the fantastic service that Nectar brokers deliver to their clients, made possible by the quality of our support systems and internal resources.

Across both our aggregators - PLAN Australia and Custom Equity Group – we also received the following awards:

Nectar Mortgages Canberra

Business of the Year
(6 - 10 Loan Consultants)

Gary Rock

  • Growth Award
  • PLAN Hall of Fame – 15 years
  • Financial Excellence – Platinum

Ben Eick

Business of the Year
(1 Loan Consultant)

Grant Howe

CEG Broker of the Year 2018

When you join Nectar, you join a business committed to the growth and development of our people.

“Since joining Nectar, I’ve been able to grow my team and significantly increase my volumes thanks to the great support systems, lead generation tools, and additional revenue streams Nectar provide”

Scott Cameron - Nectar Master Franchise Owner, Canberra

Nectar adds value to our franchisees' businesses

See how much your business could grow with us

How we do it

Nectar adds value to our franchisees' businesses by increasing their loan writing capacity and keeping them in front of their clients. By taking advantage of our fantastic resources, you’re free to do more of what you’re good at – writing loans.

Nectar Franchise Comparison Calculator

Click through the images to see what kind of insights our calculator* can offer you about your current business, and how it could improve as a Nectar franchise.

Whether you’re writing the kind of loan volumes we’ve used in this example, or are already running a bigger business – Nectar provides the support and opportunities you need to grow.

Get in touch today to book in a 30-minute session, where we’ll take you step by step through our calculator*.

We’ll look at your current performance, your revenue and expenses and see how much your business could stand to grow with Nectar.

*The Nectar Franchise Comparison Calculator should be treated as indicative only. Real loan volumes can vary depending on a number of market factors, as well as the productivity of the broker themselves.

Nectar supports our brokers to deliver exceptional customer service

From A to B to C, Nectar provides the support you need to generate leads, manage the loan process, and consistently deliver exceptional service to your customers. The proof?

Upon loan settlement, Nectar clients are invited to return a satisfaction survey about their broker. With over 600 of these completed to date, our scores average 9.61/10 – an incredible result. Happier customers lead to increased referrals and more business for you.


With our comprehensive catalogue of marketing material, Nectar helps you to generate leads. From automated emails to your database and referrer engagement, to printed flyers and social media advertising, we are always seeking better ways to reach customers.


In the current market, compliance is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate on your own. When you join Nectar, you join a company with the resources and expertise to ensure you remain compliant, so you can spend more time delivering the best possible service to your clients.

Our Lenders

Nectar has access to over 30 lenders, meaning it’s so much easier to find the perfect loan product for your customer’s unique situation. In our collaborative culture, brokers share information over the team Facebook page, a great way to seek and share advice, lender recommendations and grow your knowledge from some of the best brokers in the game.

This was our panel of lenders as at 11 November 2016. (1)These lenders are only available with PLAN brokers. (2)These lenders are only available with CEG brokers.

Nectar gives you the tools to take your business to the next level

We provide professional development and training opportunities to our franchisees

Nectar organises a number of training and development events for our brokers each year. This is a chance to learn from the best, keep up-to-date with the many changes in the industry and develop new skills to help you grow your business.

Alongside these events, Nectar offers opportunities to receive mentoring and training through a variety of platforms, including e-learning and webinars, as well as face-to-face training with our senior leaders.

The Nectar leadership team is comprised of some of Australasia’s leading experts in their fields.

Paul Newell

Our CEO has been a broker for over 20 years and has settled over $4 billion in loans. Paul previously ran Aussie Home Loans Gold Coast before co-founding L.J. Hooker Financial Services. He then founded Raine & Horne Financial Services, recruiting over 100 brokers and building the business to generate a loan book in excess of $3 billion.

Stephen Harris

Our General Manager has assisted more than 1000 clients to purchase their own homes and grow their investment portfolios. Stephen spends countless hours mentoring, developing and training our brokers across the country as well as creating and maintaining our relationships with referral partners.

Peter Gilchrist

Our ‘super coach’ has over 30 years’ experience in the real estate and mortgage industries, and mentors some of our top brokers to grow their businesses even further. His insights into personal and professional development are invaluable to us here at Nectar.

Chris Knox

Our Chief Marketing Officer has a successful track record of establishing and running customer-focused businesses over the past 25 years. Chris leads our marketing team from leading agency, Origami, in producing innovative material for Nectar. Origami have worked alongside such internationally recognised brands as Vodafone and Air New Zealand.

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